Best Audio Visual Company in Riyadh

Best Audio Visual Company in Riyadh

Audio Visual Solutions Company in Riyadh

Today’s fast-paced world is all about connecting communities across the globe to share knowledge and expertise. Information and Communication Technology or ICT enables individuals to connect with each other even when they are miles apart. A major component of ICT is audio visual solutions.

The various audio visual solutions include LED screens, speakers, video conferencing equipment, digital signage, and much more. Many institutions like schools, businesses, and government organizations use these audio visual solutions in their routine tasks.

Netlogix is the best audio visual company in Riyadh offering various AV solutions for a host of institutions. Here are the different audio visual solutions we offer in Riyadh:

Best Audio Visual Company in Riyadh

Video Conferencing & Telepresence

While you may know video conferencing, telepresence is slightly different. 

A conference room specifically for virtual conferencing is known as telepresence, or remote presence. It combines two locations into one using VR technology. When people cannot meet in person, the intention is to imitate face-to-face contact as much as possible. 

If you are looking for video conferencing, or want to go a step further and enable telepresence at your space, Netlogix is ready to help with our audio video solutions. 

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Digital Signage Solution

Want to share your message to various stakeholders? Netlogix’s Digital Signage Solutions can help. Digital signage is a method of distributing information, such as news, navigation data, alerts, emergency messages, or commercial material, by dynamically broadcasting digital AV content to multiple screens in different locations. Advertise your company at various locations and improve your brand awareness and lead generation.

Lights Dimming Control System

Sometimes, in order to see a presentation or other AV format, it is crucial to dim the lights. A Light Dimming Control System is perfect for such applications. It has a number of advantages, including altering the lighting levels to set the mood, consuming less energy, extending the life of light sources, and lowering energy costs. Want Netlogix to enable light dimming systems at your institution? Get in touch with us today to get a quote.

Guest Room Management Systems (GRMS)

The hospitality industry can benefit greatly with GRMS. The automation system for the hotel room is known as the GRMS (Guest Room Management System). It controls what data is sent by the commands, enabling a variety of operations: control of the lighting (dimmer or ON/OFF) Openings (curtains, sliding doors, etc.).

Digital Displays, Video Walls & Interactive Displays

Netlogix offers digital displays, video walls, and interactive displays so that you can make the most out of your events, training, and other tasks. Digital displays, especially with interactive features offer great engagement opportunities, making them an indispensable tool in the educational, corporate, entertainment, and government sectors.

Audio Enhancement Technology

With audio enhancement technology, one can remove sounds like static, air conditioning and fans, hums and other distracting sounds and enhance the original sound.

Public Address System

Netlogix offers Public Address System solutions for your events and gatherings, including microphones, loudspeakers, amplifiers, and other equipment.


What audio-visual services do you offer in Riyadh?
Netlogix offers a host of audio visual solutions in Riyadh. Our offerings include video conferencing and telepresence support, Guest Room Management Systems, lights dimming control systems, digital and interactive displays and video walls, audio enhancers, digital signages, public address systems, and background music systems. Get in touch with us today to get these audio visual solutions for your company.
What brands and technology partners do you work with for AV Solutions in Riyadh?
Netlogix works with companies that are industry leaders in their sectors. We partner with renowned brands like Schneider, Philips, Cisco, VDA, Logitech, LG, Samsung, Sony, Bosch, Bose, and Panasonic.
What industries or sectors do you provide AV Solutions for in Riyadh?
With our vast variety of audio visual solutions in Riyadh, we help many companies and enterprises belonging to marketing, education, government organizations, retail, and many more.
Can you provide a cost estimate for the Audio Visual Solutions we need for our company in Riyadh?
Yes, Netlogix will provide you a quote for your Audio Visual Solutions in Riyadh. This ensures that we work efficiently while you rest assured that everything is taking place within your budget.
Do you stay updated with the latest Audio Visual technology trends and upgrades in Riyadh?
As an audio visual solutions company in Riyadh, we conduct regular market research and stay on top of the latest industry trends. This ensures that our clients receive the best audio visual systems to stay competitive in the market. Contact us today and have us onboard as your audio visual support company in Riyadh.