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Before installing any kind of server, it is always considered a wise decision to think about the main reasons due to which servers are important for your brand and how will your company use that. Depending upon the answer,

you will be able to understand whether your brand needs cloud servers (hybrid) or traditional on-premise servers.

  • Servers are usually helpful in backing up the data which can be used by any other authorized person depending upon permission.
  • Servers are being used for sharing a file or folder across other departments. This sharing is being done under high-level encryption and security protocols.
  • These are also needed when you use such an application that was not designed by taking care of the internet environment, as this will be helpful in hosting those applications.

Netlogix is having expertise in managing and handling almost every type of servers. contact us


Our Expertise

Netlogix is having expertise in managing and handling almost all kinds of servers like

  1. File Server
  2. Print Servers
  3. DNS servers
  4. Application Server
  5. Mail Server
  6. Web Server
  7. Database Server
  8. Virtual Server
  9. Monitoring & Management Server

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