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System integrators in UAE

System integrators in UAE

Introduction to system Integrators in the UAE

System Integrators are one of the very important roles in the contracting and outsourcing of all kinds of products. A company needs to hire and commission a subcontractor, systems integrator to be able to get the required services.

With the system, integrators can get a variety of services like:-

Back-office for eCommerce, ERP, and other applications

Security solutions, GDPR compliance, social media audit, data analytics, etc.

Advertising solutions like cloud, video, virtual reality

System development, new product development, etc.

Contract management, business process management, business intelligence and analytics, e-commerce solutions, etc.

Hence, I am sure this post will be useful for you in choosing the best source for ICOP consulting in UAE.

System Integrators in UAE 

System integrators in the UAE are one of the most in-demand jobs in the country. With a growing number of businesses looking for experienced and qualified system integrators, you can expect to earn a good salary and benefits. The job market for system integrators is constantly changing, so it’s important to keep up with the latest trends and developments. You can find plenty of online resources that will help you get started in this exciting career. There are many different firms that offer system integrators jobs in UAE, so it’s important to find one that is right for your skills and experience.


ICON (Institute of Data Innovation and Management) – “We provide digital solutions to help digital transformation across the globe. ICON, a Data Innovation, and Management, Public-private partnership company. They have a presence in many countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and North America. They have recently published their report “Top 5 Places to FindICO Solutions.” The report covers 5 countries – UAE, UK, Poland, Greece, and Spain. The report looks at the experiences of top influencers, investors, and experts who have seen the emergence of this new frontier.

The Top 5 Places to Find ICO Solutions in the UAE

ICOs are becoming increasingly more popular nowadays because of their speedy, efficient, and low cost of development. This is due to several factors, including ease of integration into the existing systems, and their ability to be run over the existing infrastructure of a software development company.

This system integration UAE directory allows investors and institutions to search for qualified, trustworthy, and highly qualified system integrators in the UAE that can help them with the integration of cryptocurrencies into the existing systems.

The best way to find and work with SYSTEM integrators in the UAE

system integrators in the UAE are needed for a wide variety of systems integration projects. from small to complex, the UAE is home to some of the best system integrators in the world. from technology companies to government agencies, our system integrators have the experience and skills necessary to complete your project successfully.

System integrators

System integrators (SI) are a vital part of the business world and play an essential role in providing value to their clients. In today’s competitive market, SI must provide comprehensive and innovative systems that meet the needs of their clients and customers. With a wealth of experience in software development, system integrators in UAE can help you build the perfect solution for your business. NetLogix is the world’s leading provider of managed service and infrastructure solutions for the data center and cloud. With more than 25 years of experience, we know how to get your business up and running while protecting your data

How has cloud computing played a role in changing the future of internet technology?

Cloud computing has become more scalable and flexible and provides security and control over the data center. The internet technology of computing is cloud-based. A business can take advantage of the latest technology with minimal investment in cloud computing. Organizations connect everything digitally to cloud computing, providing a platform for new jobs, applications, and services. The service allows users to access files and applications stored in the cloud from everywhere. Cloud computing is beneficial for both individuals and businesses.   Why is cloud computing the future of internet technology? Here are some critical reasons why cloud computing will affect the future of internet technology: Cloud Security: Cloud computing protect cloud-based infrastructure, IT hardware suppliers, applications, and data. It includes a cloud environment against malicious attacks, hackers, malware, and other risks. Cloud security providers are also responsible for sensitive organizational data and its security. Enhanced storage capacity: Data is generated in a considerable volume, and storing a large amount of data with security is tricky. Cloud storage offers on-demand online space where the organization can securely secure extensive data at a low cost. Improved Performance: Cloud computing provides improved application performance since the resources available can be scaled up or down based on the dynamic application workloads. It also enhances the performance of the internet. The users can load high-quality services and applications quickly. The network provider will be able to send and receive data faster. Reduced cost: Data transfer fees are a large part of cloud computing costs. To avoid expenses, you need to consider your budget. Cloud computing provides cost benefits for applications as only as many computing and storage resources as required can be provisioned dynamically, and upfront investment in purchasing computing assets to cover worst-case requirements is avoided. Multi-tenancy: The multi-tenanted approach of the cloud allows multiple users to make use of the same shared resources. In virtual multi-tenancy, computing and storage resources are shared among multiple users. In Organic multi-tenancy, every component in the system architecture is shared among multiple tenants. Resource Pooling: Cloud service providers’ computing and storage resources are pooled to serve multiple users. They may be available on different levels; platforms, infrastructure, or applications. One side of resource pooling involves multi-tenancy, which means resources are assigned to multiple clients. Modular Software: Cloud computing will require advanced systems, software, and applications. Most organizations are using much software, which needs to be modified. Cloud computing leads to modifying the software and providing better security and facilities. This software will be more reliable, flexible, and easy to use by users. Improved Cloud Services: Cloud computing includes; Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-service (SaaS). These services are essential to achieving business goals. Many types of research proved that cloud computing services would be a leading technology in the future. It will be used in most organizations because it will be user-friendly and capable for both new and old organizations. With the help of cloud computing, a business will be growing in the future as it is incredibly cost-effective and will benefit hosts and clients. Now, many internet services are cloud-based instead of physical infrastructure. Cloud technologies lead the new ways of working and developing the business. There are many IT companies in Dubai, Netlogix.UAE is one of them, which provides a digital storage system that helps you to optimize cloud costs efficiently and also provides cloud solutions to enhance your business and future success.

Are VOIP services banned in the UAE?

Voice Internet Protocol (VOIP) services are not allowed in UAE and are banned by Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA). Telecom operators have warned the country’s residents. Du and Etisalat responded to the queries of residents on Twitter that these services remain in control until they meet the requirement of the country’s licensing. All unauthorized services and applications that provide VOIP services are not allowed in the UAE. In this situations many IT setup companies offered solutions. Why are VOIP services blocked in UAE? They blocked these services because they allow users to make free calls and also have security issues. There is also no income tax in UAE, and people send UAE money to their respective countries, which is not profitable for any country. UAE blocked VOIP services because it affects the source of revenue, and they are protecting their investments. Another reason is that the region is concerned with the emergence of security concerns and cybercrime. To unblock this VOIP service, you need a license from the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority. Most VOIP services don’t meet the licensing requirement, such as Skype. Which VOIP services are banned in the UAE? UAE blocked the services to stop citizens from being able to make free calls. The most well-known apps that the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority has jammed in the UAE are: Whatsapp Skype Facebook FaceTime Facebook Messenger Snapchat Viber If you want to access these blocked apps, you can use a VPN. Is it illegal to unblock VOIP services? VOIP software is not allowed to be downloaded and uploaded. VOIP services are currently illegal in the UAE due to lack of a VOIP network. It is restricted to access VOIP services without the permission of Etisalat. But installing and using the VPN is not illegal because if you use it to access Netflix or unblock your internet banking, then you are not using the VPN for any unlawful purposes. And if you use a VPN to clear restricted services by Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA), it means you are breaking the law then they can take action against you. Which are secure UAE VPNs to unblock VOIP services? As discussed above, you can unblock VOIP by using a secure VPN that has certain important  security features: A Kill Switch: It ensures that your IP address remains private. If you accidentally lose your VPN connection, your device will not revert to the default Internet connection. Without a kill switch, you could accidentally be revealed that you are using a VOIP service. VPN encryption: VPN encryption provides you with online privacy and security. It also ensures that your ISP cannot tell what you are doing online. It is end-to-end encryption and the encrypted traffic between you and the VPN server. DNS leak: This ensures that your DNS requests are secure through a VPN provider and that you are not accidentally leaking DNS request data to your ISP. This way, you can connect to the VPN and start browsing without revealing your data. Obfuscation: It transforms data into another form to protect sensitive information and personal data. Using obfuscation ensures that your ISP doesn’t know you are using a VPN. TRA noticed that VOIP services are considered part of the regulated activities in UAE. The TRA has granted licensed operators the eligibility to provide such services across their networks. Netlogix. uae is a smart solution provider in UAE and offers secure, safe and reliable Voice over Internet Protocol Services (VOIP) services. As many VOIP services are banned in UAE, it provides a platform to their users that they can use VOIP services under the law and registered by Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA).

Data Security steps you should follow while traveling

 Why is Data Security important in traveling? When you travel internationally, you need to use your mobile phones, laptop, or other data storage devices; in this case, your data and device can be exposed to malicious sites. Digitally connected means connecting devices to public networks in hotels, restaurants, airports, etc. These networks are less secure, and data can be hacked easily. If you don’t consider data security during traveling, you’re at serious risk of losing all of your images and having your identity stolen and accounts hacked. What are the implications of Data Security during traveling? Below are the data security tips you should add to your travel checklist before, during, and after your trip. Avoid using public Wi-Fi and use VPN: If you’re traveling, then avoid using Wi-Fi in restaurants, hotels, cafes, or other public places, even if it asks you to sign up and log in. To protect your data during the trip, install and configure VPN software. It lets you connect to a server that encrypts all of the data that passes between you and it.    Lock your devices: All your devices should have a strong password, even simple storage devices like your USB driver. Always make sure your devices are protected with a password during the trip. It will protect your data from being lost or stolen. Take limited data: Don’t carry a huge amount of data with you while traveling; only take necessary files and data, encrypt it, password-protect all data, and delete it after use. Don’t leave it saved in flash drives or other portable devices. Avoid entering your credentials into public computers: If you need to use public computers like workstations, or internet cafe computers, avoid entering your credential at these public computers because they are less secure, poorly managed, and provide minimal security protection for their users. Install and configure encrypted software: If your device is lost or stolen, encryption software will help to encode the data so that only you and the authorized person can decode it and read the encrypted data. If you cannot use encrypted software at your destination, you should leave your device at your home and, instead, bring a loaner device. Set up tracking devices: Tracking software tracking down your stolen device. They can report its location, sound alarms, take images and videos, and many more. Make sure the tracking device should be set up before stolen. In case you can’t get back your device, you can inform the tracking software to delete everything on your device. At least this way may help your data to be saved for misuse. Use safe web browsing: The online website holds your important data. These websites can also become gateways for hackers to steal your data by infecting websites with malware or other viruses. This can be more dangerous during your travels when you connect to public networks in cafes, hotels, airports, etc. You must protect your websites by logging out of all the apps after use and rebooting your system when you’re done. Don’t hide your mistakes: If you make a mistake and lose your data, don’t cover up. It would be best if you immediately told your company’s IT solution provider team. They can act quickly to limit the loss of data. Netlogix. uae help by its It solution providers the IT service issue. It also provides It hardware supplies with leading security efficacy to all small, medium, and large businesses. Its encrypted and configured software gives a shield to your data to be saved during traveling.


Nowadays, it is challenging for one person to manage all tasks, and all businesses require support to achieve their objectives. It is difficult to select the best from the pool of IT solution providers. Innovative IT support companies offer extremely beneficial services that can be implemented in any business. Netlogix can manage your organization’s storage system with better tools. Netlogix specializes in it managed services and ensures that clients receive cost-effective services. Hiring an IT support company is a wise investment for your company. We always try to develop solutions that have the potential to completely transform entire industries; we don’t just solve problems. Our IT Services is driven and committed to realizing its limitless potential in order to grow alongside our clients. Our IT services help to improve business processes by anchoring and enhancing them. WHAT TO LOOK FOR WHEN CHOOSING A SERVICE PROVIDER: There are some considerations you should make when selecting the best service provider for your company. This will impact not only the type of provider you select but also the price you pay. You should thoroughly research the provider before hiring them. You must ensure that the provider you select is qualified and that their services will meet your specific requirements. It’s important to understand what they have to offer. This will assist you in determining which services are the best for your business. As a business owner, you should not make any compromises when it comes to selecting IT companies because they help to increase overall productivity. WHAT NETLOGIX OFFER? Netlogix provides a wide range of services, such as data backup and recovery and cloud computing. We offer affordable solutions and we also know how to manage clients. The team is dedicated and capable of solving all business challenges more effectively. The best part is that we also provide wireless connectivity to transform the world’s functionality. Our best smart infrastructure solutions add a lot to your company’s bottom line. The skilled and experienced staff is well-versed in all strategies for bringing success to your door. Customers typically prefer a company that listens and fully understands all parameters. BEST IT SERVICE PROVIDERS: If you are looking for the best IT companies in Dubai, Netlogix is the best. Netlogix is the perfect IT service provider for Dubai businesses. Netlogix has years of experience in the IT industry and can help you get the most out of your IT resources. The team is highly qualified and dedicated to identifying relevant IT solutions. we believe in utilizing cutting-edge technology to meet your needs. Netlogix is constantly focused on business development. Contact us if you want to improve your company’s brand and gain a competitive advantage. we also provide complete software development services to help your company rise above the competition. The company only promises to deliver on time. It is difficult to distinguish yourself from the crowd. Every company’s main goal is to increase consumption by providing the best possible service. If you are still unsure about how to improve your online presence, contact us to learn more about our services and how we can facilitate you in growing your business.

Why You Need Managed it services?

Why You Need Managed it services? All companies prefer to outsource business management responsibilities to a third party. No brand owners like to place systems at risk. In today’s world, security is the main concern of organizations. Anyone can easily steal your business data if you don’t have a well-maintain system. Manage service providers resolve problems before they hurt your business. Many it setup companies are available that help to grow your customer base. No one can ignore the value of having it support. No business can get success without proper management. Make Your Life Easier A managed service provider is a cost saving and allows a better user experience. They also use innovative solutions to maximize profitability. The appropriate technology is important to build brand visibility. The outdated software badly affects your success rate. Well-trained staff efficiently manage all tasks. You can rest peacefully if you are going to hire them. They also help to remove the confusion about what is right or not for the business. Choose IT system to improve business outcomes. Best Alternative to in-house IT It is very expensive to establish an in-house IT department. The managed service provider also plans for business improvements. They also focus on core objectives to move your business forward. It service professional helps to accomplish goals. The best thing is that they keep everything updated. It is best for all types of business and offers numerous benefits. Cybersecurity is also the biggest reason to choose it support. It services play an important role in enhancing the value of the business. Netlogix has the skills to handle an entire network. It is essential to have a trusted it partner to upgrade your business. Reduce Work Load The main reason to hire managed service providers is that you can shift your burden. Some important tasks need maximum attention and help to take the pressure of internal staff. Netlogix offers new technology solutions to make sure your business is running smoothly. The reliable IT operations ensure your business position. Companies don’t have to waste time and they always want proper it solution to manage work. So many platforms and apps are present but they are not enough for your business. Staff can easily focus on urgent work and it issues will no more distract the attention. Simplify Flexible Working Arrangements They are available 24/7 and you can receive support at any time. By choosing it solution providers you can enhance your business. It is difficult for employees to handle all the tasks. Organizations prefer to outsource it needs to improve work efficiency. It supports the company applying updates and backups of your system. Fast and complex industries require efficient It support. Small and medium-sized businesses all need its support to beat their rivals. If you want to reduce the risk of catastrophes then don’t forget to choose them. Increase IT Staff Efficiency Reliable smart solution providers are necessary for better team productivity. Netlogix is ideal managed it support and knows how to handle your business. Managed service provider automate the business process. They also utilize an efficient system to save your business from threats. The competition is increasing because technology the transforming the world of business. To improve your customer’s services hire it support. It managed provider works on a monthly subscription service and good fit for your company. You save a lot of time and money when you work with it support companies. Managed services teams know tactics to improve the reputation of your business. They also support to internal it staff to keep them focused on the task. Grow Business in a Digital World Managed service providers implement best practice solutions to protect your company’s data. Now you don’t need to sit and wait for something to go wrong. Managed it services leave a positive impact on the business. It services make you access potential customers. It system effectively improves stability. They are always ready to resolve the issues and enhance productivity. It is your responsibility to make sure that your it system is in the right hand.