VOIP Telephony

VOIP Telephony

Netlogix is well known for providing secured, reliable, and safe Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Services. Our latest services will help you have loads of features in your dreamt VoIP Telephony Systems.

VoIP Telephony Services

  • Highly Cost-Effective
  • Flexible with Softphones
  • Better Scalability as per your Business
  • Effective Portability
  • High-Definition Audio Quality
  • Multitasking Supportable
  • Highly compatible as per your team size
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Our latest services will help you have loads of features in your dreamt VoIP Telephony Systems

VoIP Telephony Services For Businesses In The UAE

As a business owner, you know how crucial it is for your team to stay connected. Smooth communication is essential for sharing ideas, insights, and business data between staff. VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a reliable communication method that has tremendous benefits for businesses. 

Over the last decade, businesses have begun realizing the benefits of opting for VoIP telephony over traditional telecom carriers. 

Netlogix offers VoIP services in the UAE for a host of institutions to help them stay connected with their team and clients.


VoIP Services for Uninterrupted Business Communication

Your small business or institution can receive a plethora of benefits by switching to a VoIP telephony service. Here are a few advantages of VoIP for business communication. 

High-Quality Voice Calls 

Old voice calling systems can cost you a client, time efficiency, and productivity. Switch over to VoIP systems for high-definition codecs that improve voice calls. 

Simplify Your Communication Equipment 

As a business, you need to make the most out of your limited space and resources. Avoid extra wiring and additional equipment to close business deals and choose a cloud-hosted VoIP system. With it, you will not need additional equipment or employ extra IT staff to install and maintain the system. 

Cost Savings 

If you have not thought about switching over to VoIP, its cost-saving feature will surely inspire you to do so. VoIP services are charged every month instead of how many minutes you were on the call. In addition to that, you will not need to spend on special equipment–as mentioned previously–leading to significant cost savings for your business. 

Get Advanced Features 

Make your communications smarter with the great features that VoIP offers. These include call holding and transferring, call recording, seeing caller ID, and more digitized features. 

Your business can also integrate other communication tools with text and email with VoIP to overview and sort your communication time and usability. You can also integrate video features with VoIP to get the best video conferencing experience. 

Remote Connectivity 

The top advantage of VoIP for businesses is remote connectivity with employees and clients. If you have employees who work remotely in several locations, VoIP can help in communicating seamlessly with them without any special equipment. 

Easy Scalability 

As a growing business, you need seamless communication with new employees from the get-go. A VoIP system features good scalability options that make it easier to add phone lines as new employees are hired. 

Our latest services will help you have loads of features in your dreamt VoIP Telephony Systems


Scale Your Company Worldwide Using Netlogix IP PABX Phone Solutions

Would you like to increase your business’s web presence? Are you trying to find a VoIP-enabled PABX that is safe, dependable, and affordable? It’s time to smoothly switch to the top IP PABX phone system available in the UAE.

Branch Exchange or PABX. The most economical method of internal communication for a business is made possible by this system. Rather than using individual phone lines, all customers share a small pool of lines. To satisfy the constantly evolving communications requirements of contemporary enterprises, the PABX system also offers services like call transfer, conference calling, speed dialing, call waiting, voicemail, automated ringback, and call forwarding.

In business, countless discussions happen and each call is significant. The PABX telephone solution is essential if you want to maintain the best possible communication within your company. We provide you with high-quality, reasonably priced IP telephony that is loaded with useful tools and apps for corporate communications.

PBX vs. PABX–What Your Business Needs to Know

There are several differentiating characteristics that set PABX and PBX apart.

  • PABX and PBX are both Private Branch Exchanges, the only difference is that PABX is automated. PBX is more of an outdated version and has a few limitations, while PABX has advanced features. 
  • PBX systems are telephone systems, which need operators to connect extension calls to other lines. It was formerly thought of as an upscale business phone system.
  • Unlike PBX, PABX enables customers to place calls straight from their phones without using an operator.
  • PABX is an internet-based phone system that can be hosted in the cloud. Individuals can connect to devices through an SIP or Session Initiation Protocol. 
  • PABX can save your business time, effort, and money as compared to PBX. 

Our latest services will help you have loads of features in your dreamt VoIP Telephony Systems


Netlogix VoIP Telephony and PBX/PABX Systems for Your Business

  • As you migrate to your VoIP, PBX, or PABX system, you will need a few preparations. Netlogix will handle all of these and execute your communication system with ease. To meet the needs of our clients, we work with leading companies, like Cisco, Panasonic, Samsung, Avaya, and Alcatel. We will help you select the optimal solution for your company.Netlogix’s VoIP services in UAE will take care of all the hardware requirements, provide you with a great internet connection and suitable bandwidth, and deploy all necessary software and applications for your communication system. Contact us today to get a quote. 

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