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What does Cyberbullying mean by Cyberbullying?

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What does Cyberbullying mean by Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying harms or frightens another person by sending or posting harmful material using the internet or other digital technologies.

Cyberbullying affects not just individuals; it also affects businesses. Business cyberbullying can cause lost revenue and decrease employee morale. The attacks can be professional and create public confusion about a business, creating serious issues for a company’s name.

How does Business Cyberbullying occur?

Bullies usually target those they assume are weaker than themselves or those they want to be weak. Smaller organizations may target larger organizations to tarnish the reputation of the larger ones. This can occur by posting rumors about the large entity on social media.

How to stop cyberbullying to protect businesses?

Following are the steps to help address business cyberbullying and help to reduce its effects.

Manage privacy settings online: Manage privacy settings is the best way to minimize the risk of online harassment is to adjust your privacy settings. Some social media platforms control how your profile appears, such that you can only share or post information to the people you want to share with, block if someone is bullying you, switch off your location, and report abusive comments. You can make your profile private to avoid harassment by someone.

Dubai IT companies

  • Establish a clear reporting process:

Organizations should not waste any time responding to a complaint. Most negative reviews are done within a week of service: daily customer service feedback texts, emails, and comments after service help to reduce the negative feedback. In case of bullying, companies should provide procedures and resources for targeted employees to report incidents and train them on how to recognize and respond quickly.


  • Be Proactive:

Take positive feedback comments on social media from your clients so that, if another organization tries to bully you, these positive comments will stand out as an outlier against the negative feedback. Companies should satisfy their clients and ask them to share their experience with the company as soon as possible after service. Positive reviews at the top of the list will enhance your company’s profile and help to increase productivity.


  • Check social media regularly:

The automatic monitoring of cyberbullying on social networking sites has the potential to signal harmful messages and irrelevant comments. Technological advancements are made to optimize automatic cyberbullying monitoring systems. It detects bullying and filters it. Companies should reply to the reviews. Potential clients prefer a business that is top of the rating. If you do not check social media regularly or use technologies to monitor it, your business may face harmful impacts.


  • Demonstrate compliance:

Managers have the responsibility to protect their workers from bullying. Demonstrating compliance and commitment ensured individuals felt safe, valued, comfortable, and heard. If companies do not consider the morale of their employees or give them an environment and protection to deal with a bully, it may cause danger for them too. Companies should take it seriously, monitor public channels, and immediately respond to that act. Netlogix is one of the safest smart solution providers in the UAE.


  • Contact law enforcement:

If your business is harmed by bullying and the situation goes out of control, you can involve law enforcement to protect your business. You can ask your prosecutors, so they may bring charges for posting unauthorized information against the organization and harassing others.

Cyberbullying attacks personally and professionally; in both cases, people face aggression, depression, unsafety, and low self-esteem, and it can cause much other mental health. Cyberbullying can also have long-lasting emotional effects, even if the bullying has stopped.

Netlogix. UAE is the one of the best Dubai IT Companies, providing automatic cyberbullying technology to an organization to stop it. Their consultants help by suggesting other ways to reduce cyberbullying, which is needed for your business.

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